One Hour Ac - One Hour A/C my @!#

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"One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning - East Orlando has been serving the Lakeland & Orlando area for many years.

We promise prompt and professional service to all of our customers. “Always on time, or you don’t pay a dime.” ™ We look forward to solving all your heating and air conditioning repair, installation and service needs. Call us now to schedule an appointment."

This is taken directly from their website. I called them the morning of JULY 21st around 10am for service on the A/C at my condo in zip code 32828 (East Orlando.) The dispatcher took all of my information and then he "verified" that they service my area" and informed me that i would "see a technician sometime today"

Four hours went by so I called , after sitting in a 84 degree house with screaming children. The dispatcher told me to hold on a minute and then came back on the line and said that another dispatcher would be calling me with the estimated time of arrival.

Five minutes later, a "supervisor" called me to apologize and say that they do not even service my area!!! I was livid. They offered no excuse except that the employee was "new" and didnt know. IF I had not called in to inquire, they would have never even called me back.

Terrible business practice. What a way to run a railroad eh? If Mr. Scott Vigue (the owner) treats his other business (Ben Franklin plubming in Lakeland) customers this way I doubt he will be in business long. This is an outrage. Will never do business with them nor reccommend them and am going to report them to the better business bureau.

David Chase

Orlando, FL

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